💌 Dear Researchers, You Deserve More

You’re determined students, passionate teachers, and inspired creators of everything we know! Yet, all the researchers we spoke with over the past year uncovered the same reality:

Despite the degrees you’ve earned, the effort and passion you put in every day, the sacrifices you make – academia burdens you with tons of stressors. Financial, psychological, physical, and more.

We’re an unconventional team with backgrounds in various fields – both inside and outside of academia. And through our lens, it’s clear that academia deeply undervalues and underserves its very own community!

It’s time to reimagine research.

What if we built a platform that empowers every step of your research?

We’re starting with our Discovery app which unlocks a completely novel way to search for papers and authors, monitor new literature, visualize research landscapes, and collaborate with colleagues.

But we want to do so much more.

What if we built a platform that connected you with opportunities?

We know there are funders, employers, journals, investors, associations, and organizations around the world who need your knowledge – and would pay to work with you and for your time!

Billions are spent every day to acquire knowledge. And, in a prior life, we were on that side of the table! We know that experts earn hundreds of dollars for a single, hour-long consulting call. Funders spend substantial capital to reach you and your communities. Employers spend mind-boggling sums to find candidates like you.

We’re building tech that will help these groups find you, fund you, hire you, work with you, and give you all sorts of opportunities. These organizations are out there. This is not a hypothetical.

We know the value of your knowledge. And we’re building powerful tech to unlock that value and empower your workflows.

To achieve all this will take time, and we don’t have all the answers. But we start with mission and values which guide us through it all.

And finally, we’ll only achieve this vision with your support. So please join us – try out our discovery app, send us feedback, share your stories. Together, let’s reimagine research and empower you to thrive in new ways!

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